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Cold Heading Machine
This machine features easy operation. You can easily handle it without training. This equipment is used to manufacture rivets, screws, nuts, and so on.

Model Diameter of the Part Made (mm) Length of the Part Made (mm) Stroke of Main Slide
Power (KW) Production Rate (Pcs/min) Overall Size (mm) Weight (kg)
Z12-4 2-4 5-50 90 3 80 1225 ×800 ×1050 1500
Z12-6 4-6 8-80 120 4 70 2350 ×1400 ×1350 3500

Nail Making Machine
With our nail making machine, the wire on the wire reel can be automatically sent to the nail making center. This equipment is furnished with the nail knife and punch pin in its making center. The wire after getting into the center can be automatically one-step molded into your desired rivet shank.

Model Z94-3C
Max. Diameter of Nail (mm) 3.4
Min. Diameter of Nail (mm) 1.8
Max. Length of Nail (mm) 80
Min. Length of Nail (mm) 30
Designed Output (pcs/min) 320
Motor Power (kw) 3
Weight(approx.) (kg) 1400
Overall Dimensions (mm) 2000x1400x1400
3-Dimensional Vibratory Finishing Machine
It is used to the metal parts for removing oil stains, polishing the sharp edges and paint. Also, it can be used for surface rust treatment.
Assembly Machine
Assembly machine designed for rivets features easy operation and a long service life. This equipment has two vibrating disks to separately lay the caps and middle shank.

We are a specialized rivet making machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as high speed thread rolling machine, automatic nail making machine, super nail machine, and dry type wire drawing machine.

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