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Nail Making Machine
Model Z94-3C
Max. Diameter of Nail (mm) 3.4
Min. Diameter of Nail (mm) 1.8
Max. Length of Nail (mm) 80
Min. Length of Nail (mm) 30
Designed Output (pcs/min) 320
Motor Power (kw) 3
Weight(approx.) (kg) 1400
Overall Dimensions (mm) 2000x1400x1400

This nail making machine can produce high qualified nail shanks with the diameter of 1.8mm to 3.4mm. Its production rate is 320 pieces per minutes. Our machine features easy operation, and you can operate it only after simple learning. Moreover, due to the length of 1.8 meters and width of 1.2 meters, it takes less space and can be easily moved. Last but not least, this energy saving product comes with fast cost recovery.

As a nail making machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer a comprehensive range of products, including dry type wire drawing machine, double cap nail making machine, steel nail making machine and more.

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