Cold Heading Machine

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Cold Heading Machine

The cold heading machine is a stamping machine used to make the material into the desired shape. It applies the advanced design to realize a high degree of automation for the whole process including straightening, material selecting, etc. With both small friction coefficient and impact, this machine operates smoothly with low noise generation, thus improving the working environment. Moreover, it can make high qualified rivet aluminum cap with less raw materials, thus lowering the cost.

Model Diameter of the Part Made (mm) Length of the Part Made (mm) Stroke of Main Slide (mm) Power (KW) Production Rate (Pcs/min) Overall Size (mm) Weight (kg)
Z12-4 2-4 5-50 90 3 80 1225 ×800 ×1050 1500
Z12-6 4-6 8-80 120 4 70 2350 ×1400 ×1350 3500

Wuxi Shenda is a China-based cold heading machine manufacturer and supplier. We also provide high speed coil nail collator, steel nail making machine, nail roll plating machine, well type annealing furnace, and much more.

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