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Roofing nail making machine includes automatic press machine, automatic roofing nail making machine.

Automatic Press Machine
It is dedicated to the roofing nail cap manufacturing. This equipment with casting structure is tiltable, which is convenient for blanking. With the turning-key rigid clutch which is stable in performance, it can realize the emergency shutdown when arms or foreign objects get into the sliding operation area.

Productivity (pcs/min) 3*65
Motor Power (kw) 5.5
Capacity (kg) 2300
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 1350*1050*2200

Automatic Roofing Nail Making Machine
This machine can manufacture both general and twist roofing nails of various sizes. The rolling wheel will automatically transport the caps one by one through the vertical channel to the working center. Simultaneously, the wire coil on the wire wheel will be automatically sent to the working center as well. Then, the roofing nails will be automatically assembled once you start the equipment. After assembled, the nails will be automatically sent out.

Model WZ94-4A
Max. Diameter of Nail (mm) 3.8
Min. Diameter of Nail (mm) 2.38
Max. Length of Nail (mm) 100
Min. Length of Nail (mm) 50
Designed Output (pcs/min) 130
Motor Power (kw) 4
Speed (rotate/min) 960
Weight(approx) (kg) 2100
Overall Dimensions (mm) 2436X1512X1710

During the production process, other machines needed are wire wheel, nail cutter grinder, and nail polishing machine. The wearing parts mainly includes nail mold, nail knife, and punch pin.

Wire Reel
It is used for the wire coil laying
Nail Cutter Grinder
Its four grinding wheels are separately used for the different parts of the nail knife.
Nail Polishing Machine
This machine is used for polishing the nails, caps, etc. After put into the roller, the finished nail will be free from sharp edges and greasy dirt after having been rolled together with the sawdust for about 1 hour. Then, use the sieve plate to separate the sawdust and nails. The nail could become brighter and anti-rust after polishing.
Type SD-400 SD-600 SD-1000 SD-2000
Capacity 400kg 600kg 1000kg 2000kg
Power of Motor 3kw 4kw 7.5kw 11kw
Overall size 1640x90
Price (USD/unit) 1200 1500 2200 2200
Nail Roll Plating Machine
Roll plating machine is exclusively for small hardware such as nails, screws, nuts, etc. With the roller, this automatic equipment can pass the nails which have been washed or chemically acid washed, to the groove of zinc solution for 1 hour or so. Then, the roller which contains the nails can automatically get out of the groove, and the nails can be wrapped up after dried.
Model BGD25-1 BGD50-2
Load of Roller (kg) 50-100 100
Time Control (min) 0-120
Roller Speed (r/min) 7-9

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Roofing Nail Making Machine Roofing Nail Making Machine
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