High Speed Nail Making Machine ZD30-100

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High Speed Nail Making Machine ZD30-100

ZD30-100 is a high speed, low noise and fully automatic nail making machine. It makes nails with precise sizes.

The wire nail machine comes with automatic stopping function and alarms when the machine fails in material feeding or there are problems such as material jamming, over loading, shortage of lubricating oil, or oversized nail length.

While supporting automatic lubricating oil feeding, the automatic metal nail making machine also supports presetting of the lubricating oil feeding time and feeding interval as well.

Designed with automatic material feeding system, the high speed nail making machine allows for synchronized material feeding and nail making. Its fully enclosed structure ensures great dustproof and soundproof performances as well as high safety standard.

Featuring great versatility, the machine can produce not only common wire nails, but also many other types of nails such as D-head nails, coil nails, blind rivets, paper collated strip nails. Therefore, if you have any demand on D-head nail making equipment, blind rivet making machine, etc., please don't hesitate to contact us.

Technical Specifications of the High Speed Nail Making Machine
Speed Unit ≤ 800
Feeding material diameter mm 1.7 to 4.1
Nail length mm 12 to 65
Tolerance on length mm ±0.25
Tolerance on head mm ±0.3
Precise head thickness mm ±0.1
Rating power kW Engine: 5
kW Material holder: 3
Voltage/Frequency V/Hz 380V, 50Hz
Net Weight kg 3100
Dimension mm 2900*1800*1250
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