Water Tank Type Wire Drawing Machine

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Water Tank Type Wire Drawing Machine
Specification LT-15/350
Diameter of Take-up Wheel 350mm
Draw Die 15dies
Max. Incoming Diameter 2mm-2.4mm
Outgoing Diameter 0.6mm-0.8mm
Total Compressibility 89.10%
Average Partial Compressibility 15%
Drawing Speed 7m/s
Motor Power 30-45kw
Overall Dimensions 2600*1300*1350mm
Weight 2650kg

Water tank type drawing machine includes speed reducer, gear, reel, water box, electrical control system, water cooling circulatory system, and the like. Through the Y series motor which runs via the gear coupling and slows down based on the cylindrical gear of two different speed ratios, the vertical type wire drawing reels rotate. Our equipment is applicable for draw low-carbon steel, medium-carbon steel, high-carbon steel, copper, aluminum, or other alloy wire. The wire drawn by our product can be used to make binding wire, galvanized wire, and stainless steel wire.

Auxiliary Machines of Water Tank Wire Drawing Machine
The auxiliary machines includes steel shucking machine, sharpening mill, butt welding machine, wire discharging machine, and wire wheel.

Steel Shucking Machine
It is used for removing the rust of raw materials before they get into the drawing machine.

Sharpening Mill
The movable sharpening mill with four wheels is used to sharpen all kinds of wires. It is automatically or manually controlled.

Type Pointing rolling range
FZ-3 Φ3-Φ0.8mm

Butt Welding Machine
Butt welding machine is used for guaranteeing the continuous wire drawing. It can weld the end of the drawn wire with one end of the wire which is to be drawn. When the wire is drawn broken, you also can use the butt welding machine to after you have stopped the wire drawing machine.

Type The Welding Range Power
UN-1-4 copper Φ0.8-Φ3mm iron Φ1-Φ4mm 3kw

Wire Discharging Machine
The wire discharge machine is applied to set down the drawn wire and put it onto the wire wheel.

Wire Wheel
Wire wheel is applied to lay the drawn wire after discharged. It will automatically rotate for wire feeding when pulled by the nail making machine. No electric machinery is required.

Spool Winding Machine
When connected to the water tank type drawing machine, it continuously discharges the drawn wire.

Our company is a professional water tank type wire drawing machine manufacturer in China. We provide a wide array of products, including steel nail making machine, high speed coil nail collator, U-shaped nail making machine, and more.

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