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Dry type wire drawing machine covers the speed reducer, gear, reel, wheel frame, electrical control system, water cooling circulatory system, etc. Its Y series motor drives the vertical type wire drawing reels via the gear coupling, and the reels will be slowed down according to the cylindrical gear of two different speed ratios. The gear should be lubricated with immersion oil. Our equipment is suitable for drawing carbon steel wire, or other non-ferrous metal wires like copper wire, aluminum wire, etc. The wire made can be applied to make nails, gill nets, barbed wire, etc.

Model LW-1/800 LW-1-6/560 LW-1-7/450 LW-1-6/350
Material Intensity δb ≥ 110kg /mm2 128kg /mm2 δb ≥ 140kg /mm2
Max. Diameter of Material 14mm 6.5mm 3.4mm 2.5mm
Min. Diameter of Material 6.0mm 2mm 1mm 0.75mm
Diameter of Block 1-800 1-6/560 1-7/450 1-6/350
Max. Average Condensation 25% 30% 20% 21%
Total Condensation 78-88.5% 77.90% 78%
Max. Speed of Block 0.4m /min 245m /min 346.9m /min 200m /min
Total Power 80kw 18.5-30kw 7.5-11kw 7.5-11kw
Weight 4500kg 2000kg 1500kg 1000kg
Overall Size 9730*3340*2020mm 1700x1150x1750mm 1520x810x1700mm 1400x800x1500mm

Auxiliary Machines of Wire Drawing Machine
The auxiliary machines includes steel shucking machine, sharpening mill, butt welding machine, wire discharging machine, and trunk type winding machine.

Steel Shucking Machine
It is used for removing the rust of raw materials before they get into the drawing machine.

Sharpening Mill
The sharpening mill is used to sharpen all kinds of wires automatically or manually. It is moveable with four wheels.

Type Pointing Rolling Range
FZ-3 Φ3-Φ0.8mm
FZ-6 Φ6.5-Φ1mm
FZ-10 Φ10-Φ3mm
FZ-16 Φ16-Φ3mm

Butt Welding Machine
Butt welding machine is adopted to ensure the continuous wire drawing. It can weld the end of the drawn wire with one end of the wire which is to be drawn. When the wire is drawn broken, you also can use the butt welding machine to weld it after you have stopped the wire drawing machine.

Type The Welding Range Power
UN-1-4 copper Φ0.8-Φ3mm iron Φ1-Φ4mm 3kw
UN-2-6.5 copper Φ4mm iron Φ2-Φ6.5mm 5kw
UN-3-8 copper Φ5mm iron Φ3-Φ8mm 7kw
UN-4-10 copper Φ6mm iron Φ4-Φ10mm 10kw
UN-10-14 copper Φ8mm iron Φ10-Φ14mm 25kw

Wire Discharging Machine
The wire discharge machine is used to handle the drawn wire, and put it onto the wire wheel.

Wire Wheel
Wire wheel is applied for wire laying. Without the electric machinery, it will automatically rotate for wire feeding when pulled by the nail making machine.

Trunk Type Winding Machine
Trunk type winding machine is connected to the last wire drawing machine for discharging the drawn wire. You don't have to stop the wire drawing machine when the winding machine works.

Model XBSJ-750 XBSJ-650 XBSJ-400
Finished Product Diameter(mm) 2.2-2.5 1.6-4.0 0.8-1.6
Collect Linear Speed(M/Min) 300-600 300-640 400-800
Collect Line Weight(kg) 800-1000 500-800 300-500

As a specialized dry type wire drawing machine manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also offers well type annealing furnace, automatic nail making machine, rivet making machine, and high speed thread rolling machine, among others.

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